2022. Annual meeting of WW Technic employees in Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland

It’s tradition by now. On December 29, 2022, we met at the latest annual meeting of WW Technic employees in Warsaw. The get-together, as usual, was also attended by our employees’ partners. After a joint lunch, employees participated in an internal business seminar, during which we discussed the company’s results in the past year and plans for the next. Additionally, we listened to short presentations by Stefan, our H.R. consultant, and Piotr, one of WW Technic’s co-founders. Stefan spoke on the internal Continuous Learning Program and Piotr on the causes of inflation in Poland. During the seminar, Wojtek also announced the winners of our Photo Grand Prix for 2022, with first prize going to Karol Arndt.

During the business portion of the meeting, employee partners and guests visited the exhibition “Bernardo Bellotto. On the 300th Anniversary of the Painter’s Birthday” at the Royal Castle. In the evening, we all took in a show at the Sabat Theatre. Here are some photos from the staff meeting.

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