An energy-efficient vessel’s battery system repaired

Bilbao, Spain

The unexpected failure of an energy-efficient diesel-electric vessel’s propulsion modules posed a challenge for one of our most experienced engineers – Antoni Jarmolski, Senior Commissioning Engineer, successfully diagnosed and restored the battery modules in just two days.

The vessel is equipped with a high-capacity battery system in which 15 batteries were damaged during installation.

The condition of the batteries was unknown. Each battery has an electronic control board called an MCB, which displays the voltage, temperature, state of charge and current alarms. Having carefully checked the battery system and performed a Hipot test on the insulation, our highly knowledgeable and skilled engineer quickly diagnosed the malfunction. The next day he restored the batteries to working order and completed the service.

Thanks to the professional response of our engineer, the ship was able to proceed to sea trials as planned.

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